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Donker Mag cover by Die Antwoord
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A portrait of me and a couple friends while i was living in Paris this past year. Thought you’d appreciate it. no faces. the blurring of body parts and limbs. it was a really nice afternoon of making an art and remains with me to this day. 

thank you noahjashinski. what a lovely submission and what a fantastic blog you have

Earlier this year Brooke Eva was brave enough to shoot with me in an abandoned, windy, rain-soaked warehouse east of LA. Walls were missing, we really had nothing to avoid the miserable conditions. Of course, she was still her fun, energetic self, jumping up and down and laughing at the absurdity of it all.-This image and many more is included in the Special Edition NSFW Booklet I made from the first year of knowing Brooke. Order yours today!


Late night self-portrait
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